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The Greatest Gift!

John 3:16-18

O. Henry wrote a classic short story which was called, The Gift of the Magi.
It is a story about a young couple who are very poor.
They live in New York City about 100 years ago.

They loved each other so very much, and wished to give the other a wonderful Christmas present.
They barely have enough money to survive, so they couldn't afford to buy a Christmas present.

The young husband hocks his only valuable possession, his father's gold watch, in order to buy his wife
a set of expensive combs for her long beautiful hair.

Meanwhile, the loving young wife cuts her hair, and sells it to a wig maker in order to buy her husband
a gold chain to replace the string on his prized watch.

The story teaches us that what is given is not nearly so important as to why it was given.
The motivation for giving a gift is vastly more important than the gift we give.

At Christmas we remember gifts of "gold, frankincense, and myrrh"
given to Jesus by the Magi in Matthew 2:11.

The story of Santa Claus comes from the tradition of Saint Nicholas, an anonymous benefactor who gave
presents to children each Christmas.
In various cultures founded upon Christianity, there are traditions of giving gifts on different days of the season.
Most of us spend too much on gifts.
You probably buy presents for a long list of people.

Larry Wilde said it this way,
"Christmas has turned into the season when people run out of money before they run out of friends."

Why do you give gifts?

Read with me God's motivation for giving us Jesus, the Greatest Gift: God's gift of His great love is Jesus! God's love is eternal. A pastor felt led to preach a sermon on the love of God, he was frustrated because the subject was so broad.
How could he ever describe such incredible love.
He prayed all week about how to make the message simple and effective.

Finally on Sunday, when the congregation gathered, he had all the lights extinguished. He turned to the people and said, "This is the love of God."

We are not always happy with the gifts we get for Christmas.
Every year most of us end up exchanging some items, either because they didn't fit or we didn't need them.
Sometimes we return items because they just don't work.

No one ever regrets receiving the Greatest Gift.

John 3:16 also tells us that the greatest gift is a gift we will treasure for eternity. He is Immanuel.
He is always with us!
Jesus is God's Son and He is with us!

John.3:16 says God gave His Son "that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

He came to give us "everlasting life."
The greatest gift you can ever receive is salvation through Jesus.
He will change your life forever!
You will always love the gift of Jesus.

Roy Lessin has said: But our greatest need was forgiveness, so God sent us a Savior."
-- By Roy Lessin, copyright DaySpring Cards. All Rights reserved

You can have this greatest gift today!

Sermon By Dr. Harold L. White
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