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A Godly Mother!

Proverbs 31: 10-31

In the mid 1700's, there lived an old saintly woman, who everyone called 'Mama Newton.'
She was a lady that all the children in the neighborhood wanted as their mother.
She had hair like a halo of silver, hands worn with calluses, and cheeks that were stained by tears.

Every day, and every night, you would find Mama Newton crying, and praying, over her washtub for her son, John.
John had run away from home as a rebellious teenager, to become a sailor.
John had become an ungodly, wicked man, who was disowned by his father, and everyone knew him as wicked.

Yet, day and night, Mama Newton kept praying that God would save, and use her wayward boy.
She believed in only two things: the power of prayer, and the conversion of her son.

One day God answered the prayer of Mama Newton, by working a miracle in the heart of her son, John Newton.
John Newton, the drunken-sailor, became John Newton the sailor-preacher, who at age 54, penned
the Christian's national anthem: Amazing Grace!

All this, because of a believing, godly old mother, and her washtub prayers.
At a memorial service for her mother, on May 10, 1908, Anna Jarvis gave